CDPR 108 week 1- Intro blog


My names Ashley Campbell and this is my first time blogging.  I am an avid social media user however have never gotten into blogging. So hopefully I will get better at this as the courses continues. Below is my first post.

In chapter two of our textbook it discusses the value social media can add to an organization. The book states there is two ways to use social media, for entertainment purposes and for building a community around your company. I know alot of work places where their computers are blocked from entering social media sites. The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing. An employee who is playing games or commenting on friends photos will not add any value to a business` social media program. However an employee posting about up coming product or monitoring social media for negative responses will. Social media in the work place has this stigma attached to it. There are also legal obligations when a business uses social media. I have attached an article below to blog Canadian Business, which discusses the ethics and law on social and the workplace. Its an interesting topic in that how do you draw the line between acceptable workplace social media and usage and what isn’t. How would this be monitored. I am very much looking forward as the class progresses seeing how organizations deal with this matter and what my fellow classes mates think of it.