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The Three As’s of Social Media Measurement




Often organizations use the ROI (return on investment) as a tool to measure business objectives. However with social media the return on the investment cannot always be measured in the traditional sense.  In order to properly measure whether the use of social web or more specifically a social web campaign there needs to be adequate measuring tools to determine outcomes.  As the textbook states ‘without adequate measurement practice in place, success, progress, and even failure, cannot be properly measured in either the short run or the long run. These outcomes can be measures through the use of the three A’s.




The Three As’s of Social Media Measurement

Action: Business results of online outreach

Attention: The overall volume of interest, these include fans, traffic and other analytics

Attitude: Overall sentiment and relationship measures


  • Number of daily visitors
  • Number of downloads
  • Event attendance


  • Number of followers
  • Number of click throughs
  • Number of fans
  • Number of likes


  • Volume of mentions
  • Number of comments made
  • Number of shares



3 thoughts on “The Three As’s of Social Media Measurement

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I can’t agree with you more about the fact that organizations so often negate the fact that there is a return on investment with regard to Social Media, even if it is not measureable through traditional tactics. I know that personally when explaining this information to someone in the future that the readings we read this week will be helpful in doing so. I also find it relevant to mention that I like the way you have broken down the categories regarding action, attitude and attention. While I feel that there is/can be some overlap within each of these categories and their tactics, you have exemplified the fact that the three A’s are a useful tool in measurement.

  2. The ROI translation definitely seems to be one of the hardest parts of the social media PR professional’s life. I think you have it right that action is the easiest to immediately tie to business goals. That said, the other two metrics can definitely be useful. In my research for the week I read about Zappos’ recent social media changes, and the improvement they brought to the organization’s bottom line. One of the most interesting parts was their attention to the attitude towards their postings. This allowed them to see what was working, and what wasn’t, and work to improve.

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