Measuring value of a social web program



Topsy Free Analytics

Is a real-time social search engine allowing you to search by location, keywords you want to include and even sentiment on particular tweets. Topsy is a comprehensive search engine that allows you to scan back further through tweets. It will also show you how many others have retweeted, preview of the full links contained in tweets and allowing you to filter easily by hour, day, week, month or year. In my research I found most people had favorable reviews for Topsy however is just not talked about as much as some of the others.




Hootsuite is a web-based dashboard that allows you to monitor multiple social networks in one place.  It gives the ability to collaborate with employees, schedule messages and give tasks to colleagues on your social web team.  It seems to be most of the post popular free options.  People boast about how it’s so great for managing multiple accounts on the same platform and how it is so efficient.

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Klout is emerging standard for online influence. It provides an influence score which is based on a person’s/organization social media activity. This score is determined by using over 400 variables. Not only do you see your own score you can look at who an organization influences and share content with those people.

 “Klout is very easy to use, just enter your Twitter name and you’ll be presented back with your Klout score that takes into account your true reach (how big your audience is), amplification (how likely people are to interact with your content) and network (how influential your community is). The information then gets a lot more complex, giving you a matrix of how influential you are and a summary of the kind of person you are on Twitter.”



Social360 allows for customized reporting, which can allow an organization to get the exact data they are looking for. Depending on the type of information needed and give you the data you are looking for when determining of you have made your ROI. I think social360 is a great option because the reports can be tailor to an organization. Not everyone organization needs tons of reports with data that they wont be using too measure the results.  I was unable to find exact costs as it is not advertised on their site. It has recently started working with the London Stock Exchange to monitor their social web presence.

Our products:


  • Daily reports – Our core product that delivers what you need to know to help shape your communications activity
  • Weekly summary reports – A summary of the week’s conversations that delivers key themes of discussion
  • Ad-hoc flash alerts – As news breaks throughout the day ad-hoc alerts will be sent if there is reputational impact
  • Key influencer alerts – Be alerted when your top influencers tweet with our real time “Influencer Tracker” service
  • Presence audits – Analysis of your social media presences – both official and unofficial
  • Conversations audits – A long term analysis of the conversations taking place; themes, sentiment, influencers, platforms


Reasons why the tools provide value to measuring a social web program


  1. They all provide something different. When looking for a way to measure social your social web presence one may not work for all. All of the measuring tools listed above bring something different and will have something offer an organization
  2. These tools, especially Klout, can help you see who you are influencing. This can be powerful information for better understanding customers and being able to tailor messages to certain groups.
  3. The value these programs provide will be shown in the results. For organizations who don’t fully understand the importance of a social web presence using the results can help to show an organization how much it is needed. Using Klout or Social 360 and seeing your presence is lacking may help an organization step up their web presence. Also the results can help reaffirm that a social web program is working and that an organization is getting a return on their investment.


The Three As’s of Social Media Measurement


Often organizations use the ROI (return on investment) as a tool to measure business objectives. However with social media the return on the investment cannot always be measured in the traditional sense.  In order to properly measure whether the use of social web or more specifically a social web campaign there needs to be adequate measuring tools to determine outcomes.  As the textbook states ‘without adequate measurement practice in place, success, progress, and even failure, cannot be properly measured in either the short run or the long run. These outcomes can be measures through the use of the three A’s.




The Three As’s of Social Media Measurement

Action: Business results of online outreach

Attention: The overall volume of interest, these include fans, traffic and other analytics

Attitude: Overall sentiment and relationship measures


  • Number of daily visitors
  • Number of downloads
  • Event attendance


  • Number of followers
  • Number of click throughs
  • Number of fans
  • Number of likes


  • Volume of mentions
  • Number of comments made
  • Number of shares