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Week 2- Twitter and value it can bring to an organization CDPR 108

From the articles I read and from the use of my own twitter account I believe “promoted tweets,” “promoted accounts” and “promoted trends” possess great value for an organization. Even if a user doesn’t click on the tweet or look at the trend it still brings attention to the organization. From the articles listed below I have found that promotions done through twitter have been very successful for cirque de soleil, consumer media network and PF Changs. PF Changs first use of promoted accounts was so successful they have done it several times since. Spending $25,000 they received in the “first four days of the campaign, P.F. Chang’s said roughly 1 million people clicked, recirculated or otherwise interacted with the Twitter ad”[1]. The consumer media network had an increase in follower base by 350%. As an organization you would have to look at the success on both large and smaller scale companies. Having 1 million people interact with your tweet over a four day period is well worth the $25,000 price tag. I myself often stop to read the promoted tweets or I will look at the promoted trends. I don’t always click on them but they are on my radar now, where before they never would have been.  Coca Colas promoted trend netted them 86 million impressions on twitter and for the tens of thousands of dollars it costs it was well worth the purchase. Considering Coca Cola has spent much more on the advertising ventures and probably did not end up with such successful results. I believe an organization that does not recognize the clear value of promoting on twitter is really missing out on a great opportunity to increase awareness of their product.  The articles also stat that the average consumer engagement rate sits at around 2% whereas on twitter it averages 6% consumer engagement. 3 times the industry average for a relatively low cost is really money well spent. In most of my searching for costs on “promoted tweets,” “promoted accounts” and “promoted trends” almost all of the articles talked about the success an organization had using twitter as a promotional tool. This says something about the ever growing power of twitter.  As well twitter promoted tweets seem to offer continued success whereas Facebook promoted ads don’t see to give as much value you for the money. On blogger wrote “the Promoted Post campaign promised an estimated reach of 2100 people for $30.00. Facebook came pretty close to collecting the full $30, with the campaign closing out at $27.28. They overestimated advertising reach and delivered a mere 55% of the paid impressions. Our other two Promoted Post campaigns are also failing to reach anywhere near the Facebook estimates[2] an even strong argument for the clear value of twitter. I’m looking forward to see what my classmates found when doing their research as well. If they also found mostly success stories or discovered more information about it not working for organizations. Can wait for the comments!



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